Apple iPad Mini

Tablets have become very popular and are useful for browsing websites or searching for things online, as well as checking your emails and facebook page or for taking photos and movies. Here’s some things you should know before purchasing a tablet.

The iPad Mini is a conveniently-sized tablet designed and marketed by Apple. It has a smaller screen size of 7.9 inches, rather than the standard 9.7 inches, which was released in April 2010 to critical acclaim around the world (they’ve sold around 100 million of them since!).

One of the appeals of the Apple family of products is their ease of use and similarity to other products in the Apple family. If you own an iMac, iPhone or an iPod Touch for example, you will have no trouble using say an iPad, as they share a lot of the same functionality and commands and the same basic operating system.

The iPad Mini enjoys a similar stylish design to other iPads, but with an anodized aluminum back that sets it apart from previous larger models, and it’s also lighter (at 312g) and thinner (at 7.2mm)  than previous models.

The iPad Mini boasts some great features such as improved camera and it’s still fast and responsive and great for web-browsing and content consumption, despite using the iPad 2’s A5 duel-core processor. Although this model doesn’t have a retina display, the screen is still bright, sharp and colorful for most uses.

Like most Apple products, the iPad Mini is more expensive than comparable-sized tablets from other manufacturers, however, it gives you access to all the well-known Apple Apps, it’s very portable and will syn nicely with any other Apple products you may own.