Popular OS on Smartphones and Tablets in the Philippines

Filipinos have been crazy about mobile phones since the Nokia mobile phone was first introduced in the Philippines. Because of this, phone manufacturers have been creating different models of their brand and have never stopped  enhancing mobile features that we all take for granted in modern mobiles today. There are now so many mobile phones available, and the prices are getting cheaper due to the competition.

Smartphones and tablets truly amaze us with their features. Since Filipinos love entertainment and are fond of creating “a virtual bond” between loved ones and friends, the use of this technology is now widespread. However, choosing the best device for you depends on your needs and expectations.
There are two main Operating Systems (OS) that smartphones and tablets run on nowadays – Android and iOS (Apple).
Android was developed by Google (with the help of crowd-sourced development), and was first released in 2008. Today, it is the most commonly used operating system by many phone companies like LG, Samsung, Asus, Sony, and HTC. Philippine-branded phones like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, and CloudFone also use Android as its operating platform. One of the main reasons why mobile users prefer Android is because it’s so customizable.  Almost all features can be customized according to your preferences.
With more than a million of Google Apps available on Google Play Store, you will surely find the best app for your requirements. Another major reason Android-powered smartphones and tablets have been so popular is that they have generally been cheaper.
iOs is exclusive to Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Manufactured by Apple since 2007, it took a large share of  the smartphone and tablet market since its initial release. Apple devices are  simple, clean and fast with an emphasis on design and ease of use for the operator.  This makes them easier to learn and is often the reason why iPads are ideal for kids. However, iOS customizability is limited unless your device is “jailbroken” and its costs are higher than Android phones and tablets.
Whichever operating system you choose when buying a smartphone or tablet, it’s very important to determine your requirements before buying. This may save you money from buying the wrong device relative to your needs. Nothing is the best unless it meets your expectations.
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