Popular Home Appliances in the Philippines

When it comes to shopping for appliances, Filipinos like to follow the latest trends by purchasing the best quality appliances at reasonable prices so they can finish their household chores as easily and quickly as possible.

Washing machines have been very popular in the Philippines since they were first introduced into the market. Laundry can take almost a whole day for some people to complete. GE was the first brand name that hit the Philippine market and became very popular. Shortly after, SanyoSharpPanasonic, and LG introduced their range of laundry appliances.

Washing Machine

Until now, these brands have attracted Philippine consumer’s interest due to their durability and energy-efficient features. If  you’re buying a washing machine, make a checklist with all the features you require such as desired load capacity and spin speed etc. Check the specifications of each model that are provided by the manufacturer and displayed on PriceMe, which will help guide you in your selection.

Kitchen wares are also popular among Filipinos. Filipino women are fond of cooking and collecting kitchen items for ornamental purposes. All kitchen appliances, cookware, baking ware and kitchen equipment attracts Filipinas eyes !  These include refrigerators, ovens, microwaveswater dispensers,  jugs and kettles, cooking pans, juice extractors, blenders & mixers and the wide range of kitchen utensils now available. Top brands for these are Hanabishi, Urban, Imarflex, Whirlpool, and Asahi.

If you plan on buying kitchen appliances, it is advised to read product reviews to help you identify which appliance is best for you and your needs. You can find these too on PriceMe.  Start comparing appliance prices now and get the ideal one for your needs.

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